Magazine "Ladin!"

It is the cultural voice of the Istituto, come out twice a year since October 2004 to November 2015 and then become annual. Each number is made up of four sections: one presenting scientific essays of linguistics, toponomastics, history, sociology, ethnology and law; one collecting texts on various cultural subjects; one with prose and poetry only in ladin; one in which books, magazines, CD's and DVD's, expositions or shows are reviewed.


Supplement to "Ladin!"

Volumes of various contents (books of monograph research, index of the magazine, etc.) publicated occasionally in addition to the magazine.



Dictionaries and grammar books of the ladin idioms of Agordino, Cadore, Comelico and Zoldo. Also pieces of research on general and specific themes concerning dolomitic ladin.


Monographs and Various pieces of research

Essays, collections of texts, proceedings of meetings and training courses, on every aspect of the culture of the ladin people from the Dolomites.



Small books, dedicated to different cathegories of readers who can have an interest on the ladin cultural world, from the large public to the local government politicians and personnel, from the ones who begin to write in ladin to school teachers.


Guides to Sertices

Brochures, pliants and cards with up-to-date info on the services offered by the Istituto Ladin de la Dolomites and by the Ladin Offices.


Audio-video items

Audio-video supports documenting the heritage and folklore of the Ladina Bellunese valleys, their musical culture, traditional and contemporary, and in general meant to reach a large public in order to increase the knowledge about the ethnic and linguistic characteristics of the territory.


Educational games

Educational games, with bilingual texts, ladin and italian, for young people - but not only - as very first approach or even as a deeper step into the ladin language and culture.

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