The Ladinia Bellunese


The "Ladinia Bellunese" is made up of the valleys of Cadore, Agordino and Zoldo.

The Magnifica Comunità del Cadore is the historical territorial institution including Cadore in the strict sense of the word, Comelico and Oltremonti (Val Fiorentina). In the ancient times the territory of Cadore was a peripheral part of Carnia (the roman municipium of Iulium Carnicum) and from that comes the fact the Archidiaconate of Cadore has belonged for centuries to the Patriarcate of Aquileia in Friuli.

According to the 19th century original classification of ladin language due to G.I. Ascoli, in Cadore there are ladin zones and areas of transition from ladin to venetian. As result of the researches pursued during the 20th century, the whole territory of Cadore may be considered as thoroughly ladin and having a matrix of its own independently of the one to which the dialects of Tyrol descend from. The idiom of Oltremonti is classified as ladin "atesino" (=tyrolese like) and the one of Zoppè ladin-venetian.

The valleys of Agordino (up to Alleghe) and Zoldo are mountain communities historically belonging to the Diocese of Belluno-Feltre and to the Magnifica Comunità di Cividal di Belluno, in the past having religious and civil institutions of their own as branches of the bellunese ones.

Linguistically these zones have always been classified as fading to venetian, with a larger amount of ladin elements that can be found in the idioms of central and upper Agordino and Zoldo as well. Today, in particular, the dialect of Alleghe is considered very close to the idioms of the upper part of the Cordevole valley (Rocca Pietore, Colle S. Lucia, Selva di Cadore), land classified as thoroughly ladin and belonging to the atesino type.

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