The Istituto Ladin de la Dolomites is the ladin culture institute of the Province of Belluno, created for the safeguard of the linguistic and cultural traditions of the local ladin peoples, in accordance to the national laws that support the linguistic minorities historically settled in Italy. Within the institute 34 communities are represented, belonging to the dolomitic valleys of Agordino, Cadore, Comelico and Zoldo.

Twice a year, the Istituto Ladin de la Dolomites publishes a magazine with scientific contents, entitled "Ladin!", and various other cultural products are edited, such as books and audio/video material as well; it produces programs for radio and television; it organizes a musical contest for songs with ladin lyrics only; with the collaboration of universities and other subjects, it offers training courses to the local administrations personnel, school teachers and travel bureaus personnel; it gives linguistic consult to public and private subjects; it provides qualified personnel for the ladin offices of the local administrations; it has a library that is highly specialized in linguistics, culture, folklore, history and geography of the ladino area, which is open to the public and integrated with the provincial interchange service; it has a web site of its own, the one you are visiting right now.

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